You Can Love Again

After giving your all to keep love alive and breathing; some way, somehow… love still ended up leaving.  But don’t blame yourself if they didn’t know your worth.  Don’t let what you wouldn’t accept allow you to hurt.  Your heart is weak, but it’s still strong enough to beat.  Before long; you will realize they … Continue reading You Can Love Again

Self Love & Self Worth

All women and men really need to understand this; you can’t fly high in true love until self-love has truly landed.  If you don't love yourself, how could you look at someone else and demand it?  If you don’t know your worth, you could cheat yourself out of what you deserve, and love may never go the … Continue reading Self Love & Self Worth

Love vs In Love

Love Love is the hardest word to define in this world, and maybe it’s such a difficult word to define because we’re probably searching for an answer to the wrong question.  When someone asks us to define love we quickly start describing our vision of a romantic relationship, which love is not.  The true definition … Continue reading Love vs In Love