From the top of your head to the sole of your feet, please keep giving me everything I see... unlimitedly. And as you keep giving me everything that's visible; I also want the things I can’t see... like your mind, soul, and your beautiful heart beat. I want to learn to know your favorite everything, and everything that … Continue reading Everything

Today Starts Forever

Ever since my heart has grasped the love you hold, the anticipation of this day has done nothing but grown. Until you introduced me to a world I didn’t know; I couldn’t gravitate as I was lost floating in space. Now love is my axis, and your heart is my globe. Now everything on this … Continue reading Today Starts Forever

Choose Happiness

One of the most essential things on earth is being thrilled about your life, but you should feel it and know your worth before God ever gives you a husband or wife. If you're always downing yourself, or if you're always frowning and your lip hits the ground when you're only surrounded by yourself... you … Continue reading Choose Happiness

Give Me A Chance

Not once in my life have I thought that I was perfect but I have a strong feeling that I’m perfect for you. I know when it comes to being loved; you deserve it. You deserve to feel the way that a woman is supposed to, and I just want to be the one who … Continue reading Give Me A Chance

Three Strands

Immeasurable distances. Immeasurable times; only God knows who, what, where, and why. The day he brought us into each other’s lives; I realized that I’m experiencing God’s most precious prize, love. It’s not about you; it’s not about me; it’s all about us. You, me, and God! Now that we have God braided throughout our … Continue reading Three Strands

Hurt, Not Broken

The last person generated many afflictions inside your heart.  Now you’re hurt, because love didn’t go according to plan.  All of their contradictions to love have you wondering who you really are, but beauty doesn’t change because of damage that was done by man.  Another person can hurt and desert you, but they can never … Continue reading Hurt, Not Broken

Free Yourself

In life; you will often meet people that will constantly let you down, but maybe everyone you meet isn’t meant to meet your needs.  Sometimes we ask a person to give more than they are willing, and the less we receive; the more we want this person to keep giving. Sometimes absence surfaces the reality … Continue reading Free Yourself